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Guard Card Training

If you meet the requirements for the California Guard License we will provide your training; the fee is $200.00 for the initial 8-hour course. This fee includes your application and fingerprinting costs.


The State of California states that all persons seeking to become a security officer will be subject to meet the following:

  1. All applicants must fill out the proper questionnaire application for the Department of Consumer Affairs Bureau of Investigative Services (BSIS) all answers must be truthful. (Please note: not all applicants that apply may not receive a guard license)
  2. All applicants must take a training course in Powers to Arrest and Weapons of Mass Destruction.
  3. The applicant must then pass tests on each of the above.
  4. The applicant is then LiveScan fingerprinted and those fingerprints are sent electronically to the FBI and the Department of Justice.

The State of California requires that once a person receives the guard card license an additional 16 hours of training is to be completed within 30 days of receiving the license. There is an additional 16 hours of training that is required before the end of six months after the issuing of the guard license. We also offer those training modules at $100.00 per training module.

Downloadable PDF Forms Below:

PDF Download Logo

Power to Arrest Training Manual

Security Guard License Application

Live Scan Form

Weapons of Mass Destruction

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