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Apartment Security


Property Managers have said to me many times, “We never have utilized security services for our property? It’s very expensive and besides, I’m a taxpayer, the police are supposed to provide this protection for me.”

The truth is that providing adequate security makes good business sense. A relatively crime-free property is good for business. In some markets there is fierce competition among property owners to keep occupancy rates high while still attracting that good resident. Good residents tend to abide by the law, pay the rent on time, sign long leases, make few demands on management, and maintain their apartments in better condition. All of these attributes generate greater net-operating-income for the property owner.

The Wrong Approach

It is surprising to learn how many property owners and managers operate a large rental housing property without any real crime prevention training or a on-site professional security service. After all, making a property reasonably safe is the responsibility of the landlord. Most managers attempt to learn on-the-job by making mistakes, wasting money, and risking injury to residents and other employees.

The Right Approach

Many landlords have not made a commitment to implement a comprehensive security plan for their property. The most common excuses I hear are that security services are unreliable and too expensive to implement fulltime.

Providing adequate security for rental housing is a learned process that attacks the very core of criminal activity and will not allow it to take root and grow on a property. A good security plan is designed to permanently integrate into the daily routine of property management.

ALL PRO SECURITY, INC. has simplified the process and we call it our Ten-Step Apartment Security Plan. Each component step is important and an integral part of the success of the overall plan. Successful completion of the first step lays the foundation and knowledge-base necessary for addressing the second. If you fail to implement a step, full benefit will not be realized. Because it is designed for long-term success there are no short-cuts or quick-fixes to this security plan.

Once fully implemented, the Ten-Step Apartment Security Plan is seamless to the overall operation. Crisis management due to frequent crime problems will become rare events. High resident turnover due to fear of crime will return to normal. Maintenance costs due to vandalism and unit abuse will be substantially reduced. Exposure to premises liability will be minimized. Occupancy levels will increase and stabilize at a desirable level. Best of all, income and expense budgeting will become more predictable as net operating income increases.

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