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Mission Statement

We regard All Pro Security as a professional service organization rather than just a supplier of uniformed security officers. Our management professionals always pursue methods to provide our clients with overall professional security management services. Our organization consists of well-trained security personnel that are dedicated to meeting our client’s security needs. We will be committed to safeguarding our client’s assets while being diligent and dependable in performing our assigned duties. We pledge to be receptive to our client’s needs, continuously observe their premises, use command presence to deter unlawful or undesired acts, and to report security activities in a timely manner. All Pro Security, Inc. is a professional service organization proudly serving Northern California. We provide professional, dependable, and experienced security services upheld by 20 years of security management, safety, and security consulting training and experience.

We are experienced in providing security services at executive office buildings, foreign consulates, residential communities, construction sites, hotels, television studios, shopping centers, and retail establishments.

Here at All Pro Security, we have found that our commitment to principles, alertness, duty, and service conditions us to maintain a professional organization that strives to meet the security needs of our client’s every hour of every day. The key principal we have followed is our dedication to developing rigorous methods to improve our service.

Our organization has extensive experience in successfully managing security for construction sites locations that have issues regarding potential trespassing, water leaks, arson, theft, vandalism, and other unwanted activities on the property.

If you decided to award us the opportunity to provide your security services the quality of our officers assigned to your property, reporting of incidents, conducting highly visible foot patrols, documenting and resolving maintenance issues, and training will be scrutinized closely.

Our strategic security plan will assimilate our personnel into your onsite policies, objectives, and procedures. We will develop written post orders and a team of trained security personnel that will be versed on your security requirements. We feel confident that we can manage your security needs successfully.

As we work to fulfill our mission of protecting client property and human life at our client sites, All Pro Security, Inc. is committed to delivering a level of service that is unique by our determined effort to work towards building a professional organization. Employees are rewarded through excellent performance and achievement. We are proud of the significant progress our company has made towards achieving some of our long term goals for success.

Wherever you are right now with your security program you will find it interesting to talk with us. It takes no expense to learn what our organization can do to enhance your onsite security program. We offer free initial consultation anytime. Please call me today to receive a free security analysis of your property. I will personally visit your location, conduct a walk through survey of your property, and provide you with written recommendations to improve your security plan. My direct line is 925-577-0598.

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