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Methods of Security Service

All Pro Private SecurityOur goal is to create a safe, comfortable environment for those who utilize client premises. We regard All Pro Security as a professional safety organization rather than just a supplier of uniformed security guards. As such, our management professionals are always looking for ways to assist our clients in improving overall public safety. This includes not only security concerns related to client and tenant, but also safety, fire and structural security concerns related to client and tenant, but also safety, fire and structural security concerns,

We follow orderly steps and procedures to successfully manage your security service. Our quality of security service is maintained by consistent training and supervision. Structured evaluations are conducted of officer on the job performance and our total security operations are continuously analyzed. These practices that are supported with a high level of management response, which we truly believe to be the best in the business, assure that our clients receive the absolute best service.

Our Supervisors visit each site regularly and members of the administrative and operations staff have backgrounds in law enforcement and security management. This enhances our ability to establish liaison with all of the entities involved with our clients, tenants and local law enforcement.

One of our successful methods used to ensure accountability and monitor the guard’s activity while on duty is a round monitoring system called Guardscan. We schedule consistent supervision and we achieve this by requiring our Field Supervisors and patrol officers to visit each client site a minimum of three times a week. We will provide an onsite company cell phone to ensure all parties concerned can contact that officer at any time.

In addition to our regular system of intensive supervision, all Corporate Officers of All Pro Security, Inc. and the entire Executive Staff participate in unannounced and unscheduled field inspection.

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