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More About Our Company

Sean Ravenscraft - CEO All Pro Private SecurityAll Pro Security, Inc. stands ready to be committed to your expectation of service by providing reliable performance and responsive supervision at competitive prices. When most companies look to contract security service, they require competitive pricing, responsive supervision management, and security officers that perform as requested. We measure performance and success according to our customer satisfaction.

Commitment to Unity

Our employees are trained to uphold our commitment to service excellence.

We work hard to support our employees with structured training programs to enable them to perform according to our standards. Our attention to detail, along with a smile and a thank you, communicates to our officers that we care about them.

The All Pro Security, Inc. Team is staffed by licensed security personnel that have gone through extensive screening and training. All security officers are licensed by the Bureau of Security & Investigative Services for the State of California.  As required by law all security officers meet the requirements of the Department of Consumer Affairs Skills Training Course for Security officers put in place by the Bureau.

Our company has an Advisory Group of Specialists in the fields of security management, law enforcement, fire safety, and professional service that provide expert technical advice and training. Our organization will bring a strategic professional service plan to your business.

Our CEO is Sean Ravenscraft. He has served as a State of California Qualified Manager through the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services and has owned and managed security companies for 18 years. He is a security professional who is very knowledgeable in security regulations and policies, and is always focused and adapts service provisions to meet our clients ever changing needs. He utilizes good judgment in assessing customer needs, and applies his industry expertise in providing exemplary, professional customer service.

Company Profile

All Pro Security, Inc. is a professional service organization formed to meet security needs of individuals and organizations in Northern California and the San Francisco Bay Area. In the time that All Pro Security, Inc. has been organized into a corporation it has developed a reputation for integrity, quality, and a strong management team. Our management team actively pursues methods to provide our clients with honorable security management services. We have not had any contract cancelled for a service related problem. Our ranges of services include uniformed security, security consulting, and mobile vehicle patrol, event security, training seminars, and Development of fire and life safety plans and training programs. Our organization will bring a professional edge and expertise to your security needs. As such, our management professionals are always looking for ways to assist our clients in improving overall public safety. This includes security, safety, fire, and structural security concerns.

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